About Vandendijk & Partners

Vandendijk & Partners is a niche firm specialized in domestic and international tax matters.

While many law firms are drawn to the general trend of globalisation, we remain committed to our own particular, international strategy, being a focused Belgian tax law firm of the highest quality with the ability and experience to advise on complex international transactions and situations.

Having gained experience with international law firms of the highest calibre, our lawyers are committed to respond to the two key demands of our clients:

- access to the best tax advice in all situations and jurisdictions

- an efficient and seamless service

This consistent and solution-orientated service has proved successful with our clients.

Last News OCTOBER 2023

Sinds 2022 is het expratregime in België grondig gewijzigd.
Naar aanleiding hiervan schreef An De Reymaeker, fiscaal advocaat en vennoot bij het advocatenkantoor Vandendijk & Partners, het boek ' Het expatregime in België – Voor en na 1 januari 2022'. See more ...
We are happy to announce that Marie N’Dri joint our law firm as a Tax Lawyer since October 2.
Marie obtained a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Saint Louis, Brussels. See more ...

Last News SEPTEMBER 2023

Pillar 2: New rules for MNE’s applicable as of 1/1/2024
At the end of 2021, the OECD established guidelines to implement a historic reform of the international tax system. These rules ensure that multinational enterprises (MNEs) will be subject to a minimum tax rate of 15%. These rules are associated with the BEPS project and were detailed in the reports entitled "Pillar 1" and "Pillar 2" aimed at resolving the tax challenges raised by the digitization and globalization of the economy. See more ...

Last News AUGUST 2023

Nieuw dubbelbelastingverdrag tussen België en Nederland
Bekijk het volledige nieuws in pdf-formaat.

Nouvelle convention préventive de double imposition entre la Belgique et les Pays-Bas
Voir la news complète au format PDF.

New double tax treaty between Belgium and the Netherlands
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