Litigation and dispute resolution

In tax planning, our objective is to steer clients away from risk. We understand clients do not want expensive and time-consuming disputes with the Tax Authorities.

However, we handle negotiations and, where necessary contentious dealings with the Belgian Tax Authorities, on behalf of our clients. We consider this experience to be an important dimension of our advisory practice.

In our handling of contested disputes we strive to achieve an acceptable result avoiding litigation where possible. Where a dispute has arisen, we give firm but realistic advice on the law and the tactics to be adopted.

Even where a tax adviser has right of audience with the Tax Authorities, it is often wiser for an advocaat / avocat to be instructed to appear. The collection and presentation of the evidence at the initial stage of proceedings is crucial. Establishing the essential facts may well require as much skill as arguing a point of law, even in the higher courts. Important qualifications for presenting a case in a tax dispute include not only a thorough knowledge of the tax law but also familiarity with the practice and procedure of the courts.

We conduct litigation at all levels before the tax administration, the Belgian courts and the European Court of Justice. We also advise on investigations and tax audits.