Employee Benefits

We provide advice and assistance concerning the taxation consequences of pensions and employment arrangements.

Personal and business tax matters come together in relation to employee remuneration. This includes share option and pension schemes, employee share ownership plans, profit sharing schemes and social security contributions.

The legislative and economic climate has given us an opportunity to demonstrate our capacity as regards employment related tax issues, both for corporate and high net worth individuals. We advise on techniques to optimise remuneration (split salary schemes, expatriate tax issues, termination payments, the use of management companies, etc). We have been particularly involved in the establishment of enterprise management incentive schemes. Where the stock option schemes and employee participation schemes are inappropriate, we propose alternative arrangements.

On the pension front, we advise companies, fund managers and insurance companies on innovative ways of optimising pension schemes both on an individual and on a collective level (group insurance and pension funds).

We advise private individuals on their insurance and pension contracts.