Efficient and seamless service

We advise on both Belgian and international tax planning.

Our aim is to give practical and helpful advice, and to express it in terms which the client can understand and make an informed decision on his course of action.

As a specialised firm of tax lawyers, we emphasise tax strategy rather than pure compliance.

Advising on how a particular transaction can be structured and implemented in the safest and most tax efficient manner is only the beginning. We try to make our advice fit into more general tax planning for individuals, companies and organisations. This often requires consideration of longer-term implications.

Our tax firm is highly experienced and well-regarded.

We seek to provide tax effective solutions which are commercially workable in a transactional context, particularly tax structures for cross-border transactions.

To provide a tailored service to all of our clients we have in-house expertise in areas, such as company and accounting law and financial services law, which are often important and sometimes crucial in dealing with tax problems, or in the execution of proposed transactions.